Why should I use the campus calendar?

The primary purpose of the Campus Calendar is to help inform students, faculty, staff and campus visitors about events happening around the university, but it can also be used during event planning to see what other events may be happening during the timeframe you are interested in hosting your event.

Guidelines for Use of the Campus Calendar

Please review the guidelines below for appropriate use of the Campus Calendar.

  • It is recommended that you post your event as early as possible, but no later than one week prior to the event (event postings are approved daily by the administrator). You may also want to use the Campus Calendar as a planning resource. Visit the calendar before planning your event to see what other events may be happening that day.
  • Campus Calendar postings will be restricted to events sponsored or co-sponsored by organizations or departments affiliated with the University of Arkansas, except under special circumstances.
  • Do not use the Campus Calendar to submit a job posting or other non-event advertisements.
  • All events submitted to departments, filters or groups must be approved by a Campus Calendar administrator prior to posting on the calendar. Administrators reserves the right to reject any event, submitted to the Campus Calendar if it does not fall within the usage guidelines.

Best Practices, Tips and Tricks


For small list cards photo sizes should be kept to 956x 620px and remember that rectangular photos will translate better than square photos. Additionally the amount of text and white space in the photos should be kept to a minimum. When selecting photos for your event avoid logos if possible, use a picture that conveys what your event is about instead, you can use resource space to find a wide variety of photos from across campus.

A photoshop template is available for use, but there are a few things to be aware of when using the template.

  • Be sure to replace the default image with your selected image for the event
  • Text on the image is discouraged, but if used should be kept inside the blue borders
  • You must use the option to export as jpg instead of saving it in order to get an appropriate file type for upload


You can also build a digest (a personalized list of events delivered to your inbox). The Digest builder can be accessed by either your user menu when you are logged on, or via the share events box on the webpage. For further information about digests see the concept 3D help page on the topic.


If you have any kind of even such as a camp, workshop, or eponymous conference, which contain multiple days or include multiple sessions withing the main even you can use a conference. 

Note: This does need to be done from the admin dashboard

Simply navigate to events then select add conference. Once you fill out and save the details about the conference you will then be able to add sessions, speakers, and registration to the conference. If you want more details, you can check out a detailed walkthough and FAQ on the concept 3d conferences page.


Localists categories helps to segment events not just by department but by event type and audience as well. Localist also has built-in-tools like Widgets, Channels and social features to help you spread the word about your events and optimize your marketing reach.


View trending events, registrations, social activity, admin activity, attendee geography and more with Localist's comprehensive analytics suite. Localist’s integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allows your team to capture user behavior on your event calendar, event landing pages and other event-related content.

Event Registration

You can set up your event registration through Localists free event option and connect to the UARK payment gateway, CASHNet, via hyperlink.

You can also create hidden events in the calendar that are only available to a certain group or categorization.

What should you put on the events calendar?

Before you post anything on the campus calendar you need to ask yourself, “is this an event or an announcement?” The calendar should be used for posting campus events like guest speakers, campus activities and Homecoming. Campus announcements informing people of things like job postings, class offerings or events that are not university sponsored should not be put on the campus calendar but instead submitted to or

You can use event tags – short, two or three-word descriptions written as one word without spaces – to help categorize and link related events in the calendar. Event tags are especially helpful for weekly or monthly observances that include multiple events.

Events with the same tags are aggregated to a common page – which can serve as a hub for all the events related to the larger observance. Events with the same tags can also be syndicated to other pages using a calendar widget. For example, the approved tags related to observances are in the table below.

Date Observance Tag (Admin Only)
August Welcome Back welcomeback
Sept 15-Oct. 15 Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month hispanicandlatinoheritagemonth
October 1-31 National Disability Employment Month nationaldisabilityemploymentmonth
October Staff Appreciation Week staffappreciationweek
November 1-30 American Indian/Native Heritage Month americanindiannativeheritagemonth
November First Generation Students Week firstgenerationstudentsweek
November International Education Week internationaleducationweek
February 1 -28 Black History Month blackhistorymonth
March 1 - 31 Women’s History Month womenshistorymonth
March 1-31 Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month developmentaldisabilitiesawarenessmonth
April 1-30 Sexual Assault Awareness Month sexualassaultawarenessmonth
April Faculty Appreciation Week facultyappreciationweek
May 1 -31 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month aapiheritagemonth
May 1-31 Military Appreciation Month militaryappreciationmonth

Need Help?

If you have a question about the Calendar, whether or not an event qualifies, or would like to know why an event wasn’t posted, please email for assistance.