UX, UI and You

Are you someone who loves good design? Do you also find yourself frustrated on a regular basis when you encounter something that does not work as you expected it to? Welcome to the club. Bad design is everywhere. We usually just "put up with it" in the physical world....

Dipping Your Toes in the Code

Do you avoid the HTML or ‘code’ side of your website at all cost? Is this avoidance due to code intimidation? I get it…if you have little to no experience in it, the code can be a very daunting place. Characters in the code can look like hieroglyphs in an ancient tomb. If only you had a key to crack the ‘code’ and navigate easily through its many lines of information. Here are some code definitions and tips from 3D and W3Cschools.com to help you understand the dreaded ‘code’ sites a little better and hopefully give you the confidence to explore it further.

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The Webstyle Guide applies to only official university pages. Official pages are defined as webpages on a university Web server that have been created by the university, its colleges, schools, departments or other administrative offices.

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Before applying for a new website, please check with your college or department’s webmaster to ensure you don’t already have a site set up. Below are the lead developers for each college.
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