OU Campus 101

This introductory course is designed specifically to train departmental webmasters and content contributors on OU Campus, the content management system (CMS) for the University of Arkansas website. Instruction will include the basic layout of the user interface including the dashboard and content management as well as hands-on training for building pages and sections in department websites.

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OU Campus 101 Instructions

OU Campus 101
First Wednesday of every
1:30 PM in ARKU A354

OU Campus 102

This intermediate course is designed to train departmental webmasters and content contributors on the Assets feature of OU Campus. OU Campus 102 is for individuals who have already completed OU Campus 101, the introductory course to the University of Arkansas content management system (CMS). The Assets training will consist of two parts of the assets feature of OU Campus; forms and slideshows. Forms and slideshows are both hosted on OU Campus’ live delivery platform (LDP).

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OU Campus 102



This intermediate training is designed to train departmental webmasters and content contributors on the new JADU XForms. These forms features include branching logic, matrix questions, rules and much more. You will need to have taken OU Campus 101 before taking the new JADU XForms training.

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JADU XForms User Guides


Web Content Strategy

This training is to help you update your current website to improve user experience and functionality.

Web Content Strategy and Site Audit Slides


Make edits to your CampusWebData profile or edits as a departmental admin to faculty and staff profiles.

Campus Web Data Faculty and Staff Edits

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Campus Calendar 101

The Campus Calendar is a calendar event publishing tool that allows you to submit events to newswire as well as specific categories linked to your department.

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Google Analytics Basics

This beginner course is designed to train departmental webmasters and content contributors on Google Analytics Custom Reports. The reports are customized to pull the main analytics from Google Analytics into two easy to interpret categories within your Google account. The two reports are general analytics report and social media performance report.

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Google Analytics Account Set Up


 This training is designed to provide campus departmental webmasters and content contributors with tips for multimedia for their websites and beyond. We will look at tips for creating great photos and video, how to resize them, what sizes are best for web and print and more.

Course topics include copyright, safe image sources, photo taking tips, image sizes, Photoshop resizing tips and video tips.

Multimedia Training Slides

Web Help Lab

This help lab is designed for OU Campus 101, OU Campus 102, Campus Calendar, Google Analytics Custom Reports, and SiteImprove trainees; as well as, campus web content managers and content contributors that want hands-on help with content creation and management. This will also be a time to learn more about the services available to campus web managers and content contributors. Once you have signed up, please send an email to webhelp@uark.edu that includes the issues and topics you would like covered.

Assistance Topics Include:

  • OU Campus 101
  • OU Campus 102 (LDP Forms and Image Galleries Assets)
  • Campus Calendar
  • Campus Web Data
  • SiteImprove
  • Google Analytics
  • Usability
  • Content Strategy
  • And more

Reuest a 30-minute Web Help Lab appointment